Assistance Needed to Sync Inventory Between Shopify Website and Custom Android Ecommerce App

Assistance Needed to Sync Inventory Between Shopify Website and Custom Android Ecommerce App

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I have a custom Android eCommerce app as well as a Shopify eCommerce website. I want to synchronize the inventory between the two platforms so that any changes in stock levels on the Shopify website automatically reflect in the Android app and vice versa.

Can anyone please guide me on the best way to achieve this? Specifically, I am looking for:

  1. API Solutions: Is there an API provided by Shopify that allows for real-time inventory updates between the Shopify store and an external app?
  2. Third-Party Apps: Are there any paid apps or services in the Shopify App Store that can help with inventory synchronization between the Shopify store and my custom Android app?
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Hi @Karan24 ,


Shopify provides an Api for the variant.


It also provide the product / product update webhook. So we can use these apis to sync the inventory in the common database or use shopify data as a primary database. 


Thank you

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Yes offcourse shopify provides such API for integration. 

But further to provide you the solution how to achieve the same, need to discuss business case. 

Check here:


Let me know, if you are interested to discuss 


Good Day 

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Hi 👋,


to synchronize inventory between your Shopify eCommerce website and your custom Android app, you can use Shopify's API or third-party apps. Here are some tips to help you get started:

API Solutions

Shopify API:

  1. Create a Private App on Shopify:

    • Go to your Shopify Admin panel.
    • Navigate to Apps > Manage private apps > Create a new private app.
    • Grant permissions to read and write inventory data.
  2. Set Up Webhooks:

    • Use Shopify Webhooks to get real-time updates. For example, create a webhook for the inventory_levels/update event.
    • When inventory changes on Shopify, the webhook will notify your server, which can then update your Android app.
  3. Update Inventory from Your Android App:

    • Use HTTP requests to update inventory levels on Shopify through the Inventory API.


Third party apps

If you prefer not to code, there are several apps in the Shopify App Store that can help with inventory synchronization:

  1. Stock Sync:

    • Helps manage and synchronize inventory across multiple sales channels, including custom apps via API.
  2. Syncio:

    • Syncs inventory in real-time between multiple Shopify stores and other channels.
  3. SKU Labs:

    • Offers inventory management and order fulfillment with synchronization features.


For a custom solution, use Shopify’s Inventory API and Webhooks for real-time updates. If you prefer a ready-made solution, check out apps like Stock Sync or Syncio that support API integrations. This way, your inventory stays consistent across both your Shopify store and Android app.


I hope this helps a little bit!

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