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Attach PDF to invoice email

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Hi everybody,

German law requires me to attach my return policy (PDF) to the invoice email. I googled but this is the only thread that came up and it's from 2011:

Is there a way to add attachments to my store notifications? Adding a download link to that mail is not an option.


Thanks in advance!

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Shopify Partner
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Hi Niklas,

install Sufio invoices to your Shopify store in order to add documents to Shopify's order confirmation emails. Afterwards, follow this setup guide to send additional PDF documents with orders. 

Along with this, you get legal and compliant invoices with accounting legislations around the world, in more than 20 languages. You are able to include invoice links for your customers on their account page, order confirmation email, or the order status page.

In case you would also like to check your tax settings, read our VAT guide for EU Shopify stores. You can also find other tax guides for countries such as India, Canada or Australia if needed.

Happy invoicing,

Jan, Sufio