Attaching UPC's in bulk?

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I reached a brick wall with Shopify customer agents on this, and was wondering if any one here can help. We have a lot of items in our store (15K+) and we're trying to attach in bulk, batches of UPC's to our items. We can't be wasting a lot time doing it one by one. The problems we face 


1. The "bulk edit" feature does not allow pasting a column of UPC's in the barcode box. 


2. Exporting gives us a messy file where 1 item is taking many rows, where only the 1st is appropriate for a UPC. Scrambling the file to get all the right rows on top (by assorting it through TRUE values) makes it un-importable. Been going back and forth over it with several reps, and they tell me it's not doable. It also failed to import after my adjustments.


Do you guys know of a way? Any app for that particular edit? I'm waiting on Matrixify to confirm but their app doesn't seem to do the job. Thank you. 

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Renars here from Matrixify.


You sure can use Matrixify to bulk update this data.

For the UPC field, I assume that you wish to use the Barcode field in Shopify Admin.


To bulk update it - export Products with Basic Columns and Inventory/Variants. The exported file will have one row per variant. Set UPC you need to each product variant in the Variant Barcode column and import your file back into your Shopify store with our app to update.


Here we have a great tutorial on how to bulk update SKUs, you can follow the same process only instead of Variant SKU update the Variant Barcode -


If you have any questions or concerns along the way, please reach out to our support.

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