Attestation form for sale of CBD products

Attestation form for sale of CBD products

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I am looking for the attestation form to fill out to start the process to selling our CBD products on online.

I have clicked the links that I found but it says the page does not exist. I can not find the form after searching for hours for it.

Can someone help me find the attestation form?

Thank you. 

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4 Months and I Found Your Message Looking For it as Well. Another Customer Trying to be in Compliance w/ Platform to Sell Kratom or CBD. I Was Given a Message a Couple Weeks Ago That They Are Confirming Network Issues and Denying the Ability to Send a Copy. They State it Can ONLY be Done Online. They Are Working Hard to Fix the Problem and Not Offering a Generic Form to Be Accepted if Provided By Customer? With Both of US Receiving the Same Message MONTHS Apart You Can Be Assured That They Are Not Even Planning On it. Not Even Offering Alternative or Notifying Customers. This is Why Even the High Risk CC Won't Contract With Us.. We Are Not in Compliance w/Shopify!!! THERES the PROBLEM. What They WILL Do is Promote a Package to Start Business w/ Them and Have a Dead End For You. They Even Have State/Federal Guidelines Posted w/ the Trending News When That Stuff Was Mainstream. If They Can Agree to and Host Agency's Approval to Conduct Business if Certian Terms Are Met. Then Why Would They Continously Host These Pages at All?  KNOWING and ALLOWING The Vendor to Get Set Up For Shop. To Only Cancel Shop Extention For Google Merchant Then  Payment Processors Once an Order Goes Through. Google Won't Even Show Your Products Because You Are Not on Compliance or They Say. I Bet Shopify Has Sonething to Do With That! They Are Probably the Ones Who Reported That Sh*t! They Are the Ones Being Deceptive and Not in Compliance!! Totally Ruining Someone's Business.

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So, about that attestation form for selling CBD products... it's quite the hot potato, huh? Navigating regulations can feel like wading through molasses sometimes, but hey, gotta keep it legal, right?

Now, let's talk about the Difference between Indica and Sativa. It's like comparing apples and oranges, but with weed, ya know? Indica's your chill buddy, perfect for Netflix marathons and relaxation vibes. Sativa's more like that energetic friend who's always down for an adventure. Both have their perks, depending on what you're after.

As for the attestation form, it's a necessary evil, a hoop we gotta jump through to keep the green flowing. But hey, better safe than sorry, am I right? Still, curious to hear what y'all think about it.