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Hi all,

Australian store here.

I need help in regards to purchasing/printing shipping labels.

10% of my orders are domestic (Australia). Australia Post labels for Australian addresses are easy and simply come as an A6 size. I have a A6 Thermal shipping label printer, works great and does the job fast, print it out, stick it to the package and done.

About 90% of my orders are international, meaning I need to print a A5 "CN23" label for customs (And sometimes even A4). My problem is that, as far as I know, there's no such thing as an A5/A4 Shipping label printer. So I have to implement a couple of extra steps when packaging for international orders compared to the domestic ones, taking up more time that could be changed.

I have attached two photos of what the A5/A4 International labels look like, as well as a normal domestic Aus post label

I'm going to try "doculopes" for the international orders and see if they work any better. But has anyone got any tips/packing systems on how to effectively package these types of international labels?

Or am I just doing this the worst way possible by going with Aus Post? I am aware that Sendle is an option but I haven't used it yet, so I am not sure if they can provide international A6 Labels. And I've seen that their reviews have been less than favourable. Thanks!

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