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Auto-Collection Conditions not working properly

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I've found a couple of issues trying to use Auto-Collection conditions and wondered if others have seen the same issues.


First Issue:

I have several sale products set up with 'compare at prices' of £29.97. 

Using the condition "compare at price is less than £50", I find some products.

If I use any value less than £50, I get NO products. 

Similarly using the condition "is equal to £29.97"  just finds NO products.

What's going on here?


Second Issue:

On a desktop PC,  with "Compare at price" selected,  the available comparison options show "yes" and "no" greyed out at the end of the list.

On an iPad tablet, in addition to the one above,  a second "Compare at price" function appears below "Variant's title"  in the first drop list with just two options "yes and no".

This option works OK and I find all products with a "compare price " set.


Why is this different between devices?  I work mainly on the desktop machine. I tried different browsers on both devices, the behaviour is consistent with the device.


Anyone else found this behaviour?

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