Automatic discount at checkout

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How do I apply an "automatic"/default discount code on checking.

I have  a Buy 2, Get 1 coupon for a particular product.  It is clearly advertised but shoppers are not using the coupon code - they arrive at the checkout and leave because they AUTOMATICALLY assume the discount will be applied.

Can you please help me? I'm ready to put in any code.


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Sounds like something is not completed on the discount set up. We currently have a buy 1, get 25% off any other item. If I add those to the cart, the discount shows in the checkout. The discount will not show in the "cart".

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Hey @at3


Have you had a look at the automatic discounts section within the Shopify admin panel? You can set up automatic discounts up there. Alternatively, you can download apps which allow you to achieve this.


Happy to provide further guidance if needed. 

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Hi Sarah, That would be great - can you please guide me how to set up the automatic discount ?


I have a Buy 1, and Get 2nd free offer. So when the customer selects 2 items, the discount will apply automatically.



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Hi, @at3


Here are the instructions for creating automatic Buy X, Get Y -promotions:


Also, using shareable links on discount codes are sometimes very useful to include in promotions etc. Using these instructions- - you can create a link, which applies the discount code automatically for the customer when the link is clicked. 


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You can use a coupon app to give customers that discount code. You can use JustUno, Privy, etc. Use popups to show your code.

If you want to use discount prices instead of codes, you should consider Discount Master. It makes discount campaigns to display discount prices next to original prices. Customers see your sale-off products. They see discount prices on the checkout page even. You also make stock countdown and countdown timer. Give it a try!

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We offer buy this item and get 15% off on these items. We want to have like all accessories to be discounted and not just 1 item. For example a customer add 1 surfboard (we are a surf shop) and get two accessories we wanted to have both accessories at 15% off. Thank you for your help.

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App Selly has upSale feature that may help you offer discount for accessories:

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