Automatic discounts at POS limits

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I upgraded to POS Pro to allow automatic discounts at POS. We run sales with multiple discounts in our store at a time.  POS is limiting and only applying 1 discount per sale.  What do I need to do to allow all (max 25 automatic discounts) to be applied at POS in one transaction?

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I am also having this problem. It is very frustrating, because the online store is not having this problem at all. The online store applys all discounts allowed to combine on the order no matter the price of the item. My POS Pro software shows multiple discounts for about a second and then boots all but a single discount . It does even if it is different products that are included in the same auto discount. I'm forced to disable auto-discounts in the POS, calculate the different product discounts and then apply it as a 'total off' discount on the cart. Can you pleese fix this makes for long lines at brick & mortar store counters during a busy promotion period.

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We are having the same issue.  We do MOST of our business from our brick and mortar store, and it's ridiculous that this basic feature (functional for eCommerce) can't be applied to our in-person sales.  This has been an issue going back years, apparently.  Come on, Shopify!