Automatic Discounts through POS System

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Hello, we just did the upgrade to POS Pro, and we were trying to figure out the how we can get the automatic discounts to work. I have read old discussions about the issue but still wanted to reach out and see if anyone has discovered a solution in the more recent months? 

Our automatic discounts work on our online store and not the POS. 

Thank you!

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  • If you want to offer an automatic discount for your retail locations, then you need to create the discount in your Shopify admin. Automatic discounts only apply to retail locations with a POS Pro subscription. You can't have an automatic discount which only applies to your retail locations. If you select this option, then the discount will work both in your online store and on Shopify POS.
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I wanted to add that the new combined discounts do not work in the POS at this time (but nothing in the help center documentation will tell you that). 

Shopify is aware of the issue and is apparently working on it but that doesn't mean anything. 


The issue that stopped us from using automatic discounts is that you can't have them apply to a customer segment. They will only work for all customers on all transactions. They are truly  Automatic. (except that right now you can only have 1 code that works at a time - even if the codes apply to different products)

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Very disappointed that auto discounts in POS can't be on a segment. 

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Hi @bdeaw, did you find a solution for auto discounts in POS for segments? I have the same issue and would appreciate your experience. Thanks.

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No I have not. I really hope someone is actually monitoring the issues we are all running into.

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The entire promotion / discount engine in shopify is an embarrassment.  we are trying to take our stores live on their POS and I am astonished at how primitive the capabilities are.  It's almost like it was designed by a bunch of bankers and not retailers.

I've also tried a bunch of the auto apps and those are a mess to.  The workflow is backwards (apply AFTER the items are in the cart, long delays, etc.). I will never understand why shopify neglects this area as much as they do.


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I've heard November to add this capability on the POS app. It does seem odd you can add combined discounts on the Admin for the POS channel and it doesn't work on the app. The only way around it appears to set a discount on a line item which is clumsy. I haven't tested the 3rd party apps in the store.  

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They threw together an archaic cash register to try and capture the brick and mortar stores that needed sudden online presence during Covid. Then they had a bunch of bad choices followed by bad choices in how they coded it. It continues to lose functionality. They are actively taking away some of the (few) most basic POS features and then turning them into paid apps. It's disgusting.  The lack of any sort of transparency or even decent human integrity in how this company operates is astonishing.  The help desk don't have to hear about it anymore though, because they fired a bunch of staff and have an (unhelpful) ai bot that refuses to send you to the correct helpfile (even though all the helpfiles are also out of date). The system is frustrating, expensive comparatively, and not even remotely close to ready for larger retailers. If you have more than a couple hundred skus do not use Shopify POS. I wish someone had told me this before we agreed to it. Shopify themselves put out a new POS Migration Guide.  Wish I had had it before we switched to them, because I 100% would have run away, if I used their guide and saw how much is missing from this POS system.