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Hello All,

It's been frustrating since Shopify now discontinued their telephone customer support.  It was always so helpful and now I can't seem to get answers to the questions I have so I am coming here.  There used to be an option on my site to add an automatic pop-up invite to join my newsletter.  You could choose when you wanted it to pop up after customer visited your website.  I don't see that option anymore.  I have a newsletter section at the bottom of my website for this purpose, but I wanted it to automatically pop up asking for the customers information.  Why can't I find this anywhere?  Does anyone know how to do this?  I cannot find answers to this questions with the "help and support" pages.  Thank you.



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Hi, @Flexmarkoutdoor

Welcome to the Shopify Community. Sorry to hear you've been having some troubles contacting our Support team. We do offer phone support via our callback request system. You can follow the link here and follow the prompts to contact Support. Our support options are live chat, email, or callback request. If you do not see a callback request option, the queues are too busy and you will have to try again at a later time, or select another option such as live chat. 

As for the automatic email pop-up, what theme are you using? Some themes may have this feature built in. If your theme does have this feature, the setting will be found inside the theme editor, which can be accessed from Online store > Customize. I can have a look at your theme and see if this is the case. Otherwise, an app is the next best option! Perhaps you previously had one installed. Some app options are: 

I'll also share a blog article we have on email marketing best practices. Email marketing is one of the most effective ways you can help drive sales, I'd recommend reading through this article for some helpful strategies and tactics. 

Let me know which theme you are using and we can go from there!

To learn more visit the Shopify Help Center or the Community Blog.

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Hey there Hilary, 

Does Dawn theme have the option to do a popup. I have just started a new store and was wondering how I could add a popup so that the user can sign up to our newsletter, however, given that a lot of apps require you to pay, or alternatively have a large watermark, I was wondering if there is something I could do to get a popup on the dawn theme for free. 


Kind regards.