Automatic Select Shipping Profile by Collections/Tag/Metafields or something similar.

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Hello All!
I've to make free shipping over 40€ of all my products, EXCLUDING some products of the same type/collection/tag or something similiar. In another words, is there a way to set a "delivery profile rule" based on some attributes of a product?

I'm lazy and I won't to code 😅

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That is definitely possible by creating Shipping profiles. You can create different profile and configure products within that profile like Fragile Products, Ground Products etc. 

Here is the documentation from Shopify:

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Hi @CarloB ,
This is Theodore from PageFly - Shopify Page Builder App.

You want free shipping over €40 but exclude specific products (same type/collection/tag).

Shopify Limitations: Built-in profiles can't exclude based on product attributes.


  1. Weight-Based Pricing (Simpler):

    • Set free shipping threshold based on weight (not price).
    • Assign higher weight to products you want to exclude.
    • Downside: Might not reflect true exclusion criteria if weights aren't relevant.
  2. Apps (More Flexible):

    • Use apps like "Free Shipping Manager" or "Free Shipping by Discount."
    • These apps allow excluding products or collections from free shipping rules.
    • Downside: Might require a paid subscription for advanced features.


Best regards,
Theodore | PageFly

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Thank you for yours replies, but what I'm looking for is an automatism to put some sku based on some properties in a Delivery Profile...But I Think none of this exist

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Hi @CarloB If you are still looking for a solution to this you can try using the Discount Depot App, which offers Shipping discounts based on the Products/collections/tags attributes. 


Let me know if you find the app suitable as per your requirment.

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