automatically assign "ships from" based on location

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Hi, i’ve  just set up my first Shopify store and the first problem i’ve  encountered is how to change the location that the products are being shipped from based on where they are being sent to. for example, a product can be shipped from China, Spain or USA, if a customer buys the product in the UAS, how will I make sure it is not shipped from china or Spain? 

Is there a way to do this without any Shopify apps or will I need to add an app to do this for me? 

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is your problem resolved or not ? we are also facing same issue let me know if you can help in this regard.



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Hi guys

I think this post will share some more light on the topic. Just from quickly looking at it, someone's currently developing an app that can do this.

fulfillment based on country using locations - Shopify Community

Hope it helps.



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