Automating Orders from another Shopify Store

Automating Orders from another Shopify Store

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So I currently have a dropshipping store which I have been getting a lot of orders on. However, my supplier who I work with has a Shopify store which I use to order the products through him. So basically, I get an order, then I have to manually type that order's shipping address into the source Shopify store and put my credit card info in and order it from that store. Then, I get an email from that store once it ships and I have to enter the tracking number into the customer's order so they get the tracking. This whole process of ordering and tracking has become way too much work for me as I'm getting a lot of orders every day. It is taking up way too much time. Is there a way I can automate these orders or connect the source store to my store? Is there an app I can do this with? I was thinking about out sourcing to have other people do this for me, but I can't just give them my card because that is way too risky. Please let me know if there are any ways to automate this or autofill the shipping address, any apps I can use, or any code I can write to do this.


Thank you

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Partial fix see permalinks to prefill carts , then customize staff notifications to build the links values 


The entire thing would be incumbent upon the vendor themselves setting up conveniences for you to order.

Such as an api for you to interface with, or an app they make that you install and manage the order sync. Or even accepting orders through CSV, or via email like a custom fulfillment service where they then just send you to checkout to complete purchasing of a draft order/invoice,  or bill you for all orders at end of month,etc. Note: there is no purchase order api.


A middle ground can be using a scriptable automation app like mechanic,  but still both stores have to put in work and development investment. 


Or a low code tool like etc to build something more visual


Otherwise you need to automate the browser itself, while keeping in mind you may hit things like captchas while doing bot behaviors on the frontend.


Good Hunting.

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