B2B account application made inaccessible by setting store to B2B customers

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I've run into a sort of chicken-egg type of issue, which support was unable to help me with. It seems like kind of an oversight that I'm hoping the development team could take a look at solving.


Based on Shopify's documentation for setting up a dedicated B2B store, I have used the Forms app to make an application for B2B accounts. The app works great, making it easy to approve new customers and create companies/assign catalogues in one step.


Also based on Shopify's documentation for setting up a B2B store, I have restricted access to the store to B2B customers only, so that we don't get people who haven't been approved as official wholesalers trying to shop our B2B site. This is where the problem starts.


Because of the b2b restriction, the application page can't be reached if you aren't already logged into an account. But how are you to get an account without accessing the application page? You can't! So now we have a store with no customers because nobody can apply for an account.


I've seen other threads of people discussing what to do about this, and as usual the offered solution is 3rd party apps. I guess that's what we'll be doing, but it seems kind of ridiculous because Shopify seems like it has great native tools for B2B, except for this oversight. It would be great if the b2b access restriction came with the option to allow people to access one or two designated pages without being logged in, so that they can apply for an account.

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