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I am ooking for a recommended app(s). I need help with setting up a separate logged in section on my site where B2B / corporate clients can:
- view unique pricelist

- get unique product recommendations

- discount rates (per product or by bundles)

- make orders for multiple shipment adresses

- alternatively, easy way to upload multiple shipment details  for bulk order , GDPR compliant (we are a gifting company) 

- and if possible, unique layout on the landing page


The site is primarily aimed at B2C customers, to access B2B site, they should have a unique log-in. How do I set this up (with an easy flow from registration, approval, password, etc


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Shopify works great for a B2C platform but it has some shortcomings serving B2B use cases. I'm an app developer and e-commerce consultant and some of my clients had your needs.


To solve these needs I cofounded sellifycrm.com which offers a B2B plan for Shopify stores. It gives you:

  1. a dedicated b2b with unique login
  2. custom pricing
  3. connects to shopify to pull in products and inventory
  4. allows for b2b specific discounting / and specific collections
  5. connects to marketing services (like klaviyo, etc)
  6. completely segregates your B2B from your retail business.
  7. allows you to send custom quotes and orders

it also offers some more advanced plan than just a B2B but I believe it could be a good fit for your use case.


If you want to contact us at sales@sellifycrm.com and reference this post I'd be happy to give a demo and offer a trial period. 

Adam Hurlburt | Cofounder & CTO of Sellify: a CRM & B2B Solution For Shopify Stores

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👋 Hello,
I'm not sure I have a comprehensive answer addressing everything you want to do (it sounds like you'd be needing multiple apps to accomplish your goals), but I do know that Sparklayer is a great place to start when it comes to a unique pricelist, a unique B2B account page and having both B2C and B2B on the same store. 

Helium Customer Fields integrates with Sparklayer to provide the robust tagging and custom field options needed. 
I hope this helps point you in the right direction.


All the best!

Benjamen @ Helium
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