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Hi everyone, we have some questions: 

  1. We're basic plan user; Could we use headless + hydrogen + oxygen?
  2. (If the answer to 1st question is yes) After migrate to Headless, could we install all 3rd party apps on the Shopify App Store as usual? Or just particular apps? How do we find those apps?
  3. On online store 2.0, if we install third-party apps, they slow down our website performance. Does the same thing happen if we use a headless + third-party app?
  4. How about the installation method? Could we install those apps as usual, or must we connect the API?
  5. Regarding maintenance, update and security. Are these things handled by us or Shopify?
  6. We're okay with Dawn's existing UI, except for its slow performance. If we change to Headless, could we use the same UI we set?  Thus, we don't need to set it up again

Hope one of you can answer these questions

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Hello @james1110, here are the answers to your questions:


1. Yes, you can use Headless + Hydrogen + Oxygen with the Shopify Basic plan.


2. You can use specific apps that support Public API or provide a React Library for manual integration with code.


3. When opting for Headless/Hydrogen, your team must have the ability to control the project code, including both the front end and back end. Therefore, the performance of your website will mostly depend on your code quality. Third-party apps/integrations are not likely to have much effect on your site speed, as we now need to follow the Hydrogen/Remix framework, and everything will be React code, utilizing shareable libraries/components, reducing conflicts between apps and different libraries for the same work.


4. Similarly to the 2nd point, you need to use apps/platforms that support Hydrogen/React, provide an API or a library, and manually implement the integration with code.


5. I believe Shopify has implemented basic security features that can be updated when upgrading the Hydrogen package version. The server, which is Oxygen, is managed by Shopify, so you will not need to worry much about server maintenance. You only need to ensure that your code does not leak any secrets to the front end.


6. When going with Headless/Hydrogen, you will not have the Dawn UI or the Theme Customizer anymore. However, at, we're building the same experience for Hydrogen. You will get a premade theme similar to Dawn, a Theme Customizer dedicated to Shopify Hydrogen, and our development team will be there to support you with any technical requests.


Best Regards,

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