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We currently have an online store selling caravan appliances e.g airconditioners, water heaters, etc.


Our parent company have connections to service providers of the above appliances. We want to promote these service providers on our online store. We're looking for an app that will:


1. Allow our customers to book an appointment.

2. Give access to these service providers and manage their booking calendar.

3. Give us an analytics dashboard that will show data like number of confirmed bookings per service provider, etc.



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 Hi @David-RVO 

I am using Calendly for booking apointment. Calendly is a popular scheduling tool that integrates well with Shopify through custom embeds. It offers a clean and user-friendly booking experience. You can consider about it. 

To track and analyze data like the number of confirmed bookings per service provider, you can utilize Shopify's built-in analytics features Shopify Analytics: Shopify provides basic analytics and reporting capabilities. You can view sales data and customer engagement metrics within your Shopify admin dashboard.

Hope it helps! 

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The "best" will always be the expensive one built from scratch to fit the business needs exactly, everything else is workarounds.


For a cost effective off the shelf app bookthatapp is a standard go to for custom scenarios as it also has it's own api. 

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Hi David, 

Ray here from the Easy Appointment Booking team. You can use this app for appliance rentals and services. A few notes to help:

1. Each rental service must be tied to a Shopify product. The availability is the schedule of your limiting factor (in your case this might be the technician's time). Here's an example:

2. We have a staff schedule portal so technicians can manage bookings, check ins, reschedules on their own!

3. We have a monthly report on our custom plans, feel free to reach out at the email below for our insights and capacity reports 🙂

Thank you

Co-founder, Easy Appointment Booking

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Hey @David-RVO,
Appointo-Appointment Booking App can help you with the above requirements. Users can book the service from your store on the available time set by the admin or by the service provider. Service providers can be added to the system using the team's feature of Appointo. Team members can be assigned to the different products as per their expertise. Once the booking is made for the service they are assigned to, they'll receive a notification for the same. Appointo can provide you with any data related to bookings taken by the service provider which can sorted based on timeline.

Karan Bhagnani

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Hi @David-RVO

If you're looking for a solution to allow our customers to book an appointment from your online Shopify store, grant access to service providers to their own respective bookings and gather data from your bookings, BookThatApp (BTA) can help.


BookThatApp is a powerful app for booking that you can use to allow your customers to book from your Shopify store. Following your requirements, a great solution would be to implement an Appointment Widget to gather the required date and time from customers. 


You can actually see the Appointment Widget it in action through the following demo product:


Here's a complete and easy step-by-step setup guide: Setup Guide: Appointment Widget.


Additionally to give access to each server provider to their own bookings, it is possible to resort to the app Staff AccountsCreating staff accounts within the app will allow others the ability to access the app section without having to have an account in Shopify and to manage their corresponding bookings.


Regarding analytics, the app also holds a Sales and Report sections which can allow access to multiple variations of data that can be exported and/or filtered if required including by bookings per service provider.


Hope it helps! If you have any questions or need any assistance, please feel free to reply on this thread.

Thank you!