Best way to provide a "10% off voucher" (or similar)

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As well as my Shopify site I also sell on eBay, Etsy etc. For my sales there I always include a flyer that directs people to my Shopify site, hopefully to encourage them to buy there instead of feeBay.


Is there a way to include a code that is basically a one-use 10% off voucher? I'd like to put something on the flyer along these lines but I'm not sure how to do it or if it can be done (effectively anyway). I print the flyers at home so could in theory put a different code on each one prior to printing....this would be time consuming to do-able.


I was hoping there was some way to automate the process i.e. there is some way to generate a printable one-use percentage off voucher that I can include with my eBay shipped items as a way to encourage people to visit my Shopify site and buy from there instead.

Anyone got any experience doing something similar?

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Hi, @Robert_Smith_UK 

Thanks for posting. I hope your day is going well!

What a great idea using your eBay sales as a way to promote your Shopify business! 

There are a few ways to achieve what you're looking for but are ultimately personal preference. The first option is to create these codes manually when you receive an order. This will allow you to create new codes that are limited use. You can then add the codes to your flyer as needed. The issue with this is if you do a high volume of sales on eBay this could become tedious.

If you're looking to generate single use codes in bulk as you have a high volume of orders, you can use an app such as VP: Discount Code Generator which is completely free.

The only issue with the above options is there is no easy way to input the codes into your flyer. My guess would it would need to be done manually. 

 I hope that helps! In the meantime, I'd love to take a look at your store. If you have a moment please provide your domain address. 

Skye | Social Care @ Shopify
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I like Skye's recommendation about creating the discounts in bulk. An idea to automate that, have you ever used Photoshop scripts?


What you could do, I believe, is create a text / csv file of discount codes then put in a folder with an image, then create a Photoshop script that will take each code and add it onto the image and save as a new image. Then you run each image through your printer and have unique codes.


I did a quick search and found this video, might be a good starting point, or you can google something like "create a photoshop script to add text to an image".


Another idea, reach out to discount apps and ask them how they would solve the problem. It's possible they have other users doing the same thing. Aside from Skye's recommendation, I've always used MyBulk for creating bulk discounts, and have interacted with their developers, they've always been helpful.


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Could potentially generate a page with let's say 25 unique coupon codes on it and then you could cut one out for each order that you pack? Not sure if that would be a happy medium in terms of automation/manual effort.

Kalen Jordan
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