Best way to sell a course + physical item?

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Is there a way to sell on Shopify a digital video course with an associated physical item to be shipped to the customer? We would like to give instant access to the video course, but they will need the physical item in order to follow the course.

Say for example a guitar video course + a physical guitar.

We would like to give them lifetime access + updates of the videocourse, but also sell them the physical item in an automated fashion.

Thanks a lot for help.

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Hey Federico! 🙂

We have a lot of folks using Locksmith to protect the resources on their shop that should only be available with a certain purchase. (A super common example: locking pages that have instructional videos, such that they can only be viewed once the coursework product is purchased.)

You could combine this with Mechanic, with a task set up that automatically places an order for the associated physical item, when the coursework product is purchased. (Though, to make sure that you collect a shipping address at the time of purchase, you might instead consider having the customer purchase the physical guitar, and have it come with an automated purchase of the coursework product.)

For further fanciness, you could wire up Mechanic so that the customer only gets access to the coursework when the physical guitar is actually delivered to the customer's door (provided your carrier service sends fulfillment events to Shopify). This could be combined with an email that's sent at that time as well, of course.

Full disclosure: I built both Locksmith and Mechanic. 🙂 Hit me up if you've got any questions! My team's also available at and

I made Locksmith and Mechanic. 🙂
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Hello Federico,
I've used the Locksmith plugin to accomplish what you're trying to do.

  • Create your physical guitar product and add the information into the product description to let purchasers know they'll have access to your course page in Shopify. (You can put the course page link in the description to make it easy for customers to find it later.) 
  • Create a Shopify page with your course information.
  • Use Locksmith to lock the course page and include a key that allows access to anyone who has purchased a specific physical product(s).

Our only problem with this scenario was providing an automated email to the customer with the link to the course page after they purchased the product. Allthough you can edit the Shopify code for the order email by adding some "if" statements to add text with specific items on the order, editing the order email code isn't feasible if you sell multiple items that need custom page links. (You'd end up with a lot of "if" statements in the email order code.) Our work-around for this was putting the link to the locked course page on the product page. Non-purchasers can see the page but can't access any of the content on the page.

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