Best way to test apps on Shopify Plus

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We have recently decided to implement a loyalty programme on our store. We will implement the Loyalty Lion programme. However, we are not sure what is the best way to test it for a Shopify Plus store. Do you think that it should be tested on a duplicate theme or should it be tested on development store/expansion store? We ideally require it to be fully ready with our theme and apps before going live with the customers. We would appreciate your suggestions.



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For testing any apps that have user facing features (or also testing coded theme features), I would test them on a duplicate theme first. Then you can see exactly what it will look like before going live.


Some apps inject their code directly into whichever theme is live. If this is the case with the app you want to test (or you don't know), I would reach out to the app developers. Often they will have a good way for you to test things before going live.

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