Better to create pages or blog posts for SEO?

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I have prepared training videos in different categories like release neck pain, release knee pain etc And I am not sure if better to organize it as pages or as blog posts?
For now I have put it in a blog.. this are video trainings but I will have a seperate section blog with only articles

Thank you for your help

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Hi Inergia,


It's better to put the training videos in the blog section. If you want to keep your video posts separate, you can create a new blog and group the videos in the new blog. This helps group them together and allows people (and search engines) to find all the videos more easily since they're grouped together. To create a new blog, go to the blog post editor and on the right side of the page, click "blog" and create a new blog, and add your posts to the new blog.


You can also add other SEO elements like a table of contents and author box to your blog posts with Bravo Blog, check it out if you're interested!