Beware Of Shopify Plus & Audiences

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Some sales reps from Shopify contacted me and suggested that if I upgrade to Shopify Plus I might be able to justify the cost through better advertising ROI using Audiences. I though I'd give it a shot and I upgraded.


I installed the Audiences app and waited for it to provide audiences to Meta and Google. After 3 weeks, Audiences never even exported an audience to Meta, and it created an audience for Google Ads, but it was 'Too small to serve'. So basically Audiences doesn't work at all and this was the only reason that I upgraded to Plus.


Upon contacting Shopify, they would take no responsibility for the Audiences app not working and refused give me a refund upon downgrading back to the Advanced plan.


It cost me over $1400 to discover that Shopify Audiences is a scam, don't let Shopify sell you on the Plus plan for access to Audiences, because you will be greatly dissappinted.

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