BFCM 2019 Toolbox (Black Friday/Cyber Monday)

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Whether your business is just breaking out or you’re preparing to break records, the BFCM Toolbox has everything you need to sell your best and have a breakthrough BFCM.


Located at this site contains a variety of information to help get prepared! 


Some additional resources to help you succeed during BFCM 2019: 


If you have any BFCM tips, or app recommendations you'd like to share with other community members please share below! 

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Good morning!


I do recommend Revy Upsell App, it has the best layout and the biggest number of options, the customization is insane, is a great app to increase AVERAGE ORDER REVENUE, instead of selling $50 in this BFCM, sell $70 or $100 by creating efficient upsell offers. And the price is cheaper than any other concurrents.


I do wish everyone a good BCFM! 

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Hi! We prepared a detailed Black Friday 2019 marketing guide that sets out the specifics that Shopify and Shopify Plus stores need to know when sending out marketing messages during the Black Friday sales period. It is important to highlight that all the information included is based on data submitted by 200 Shopify stores during Black Friday last year. For example, the guide includes how many messages you should be sending to your subscribers, over and above the usual amount. It also covers the best dates to send messages to get the most reactions, and which marketing channels are best from Black Friday right through to Cyber Monday.


Find BFCM 2019 marketing guide here and hope it will be really useful while setting up Black Friday and Cyber Monday campaigns this year.

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Thanks for sharing!

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Be sure to check out Daily Deals to run your Flash Sales during Black Friday and Cyber Monday. It allows you to schedule your sales in advance, and includes a customizable landing page for your deals.

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Amazing list! Hope it helps most merchants to get from BFCM 2019 all they want. 


I want to share with you one more Shopify app that is absolutely necessary for BFCM 2019. 


Black Friday & Cyber Monday (BFCM) around the corner. It means you have to apply discounts for hundreds or even thousands of products at a given time. And then return them back. It’s impossible to do this manually!


To do this, Shopify merchants use discount or sale apps. But all of them apply discounts for a long time and don’t work in a sustainable way. This means, at the time when prices should be discounted, they aren’t.


You announced a sale to customers. They come to your store and… get frustrated! Because there are no announced sales. A discount app still applies discounts to your store. And customers go away! You lose a lot of $$$.


Now you have a complete solution to schedule and apply discounts immediately!


The Instant Bulk Discount & Sales app allows you to:

  • be confident that discounts apply at the given time and save a lot of money
  • truly count on the app in case of sustainable work and compatibility with other apps
  • implement all your ideas about discounts
  • manage all your discount rules on the dashboard easily.

Learn more about the Instant Bulk Discount and Sale app here.

Apply discounts for thousands of products in a few seconds:
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Hi guys
This is Pakistans first used garment store. Due to low pay sector people like having good clothes in lesser price so preloved works
I have used bold discounts apps for bfcm and working well but as i wanted. Some flaws though. Preparations works well.

I shall share more in detail later sooner
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@Vintageloomscom Hey! If you are from Pakistan, you may find this case study interesting for you as it is about Pakistan based e-commerce company: 

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Hi, my app Easy Product Price Discounts was designed with BFCM in mind, it allows you to quickly discount products with just a few clicks, check it out and let me know what you think.


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Happy BFCM everybody!


Does Shopify have live total sales/shipment feed, like it was last year? 

It was quite fun following the stats! :)



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