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Billing Plan

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Hi, I'm trying to cancel my subscription plan, because I haven't used Shopify in over a year now. I already wasted 252 euros unknowingly last year because I didn't know how to cancel; this year same problem, it turned out that I had to renew my plan and that I actually have to pay 252 euros again, but I don't want to because I'm no longer using Shopify. Since I don't have 252 euros in my credit card, today Shopify sent me this message: 'Your bill payment has failed, We'll try again on October 23, 2023.'
When I try to cancel the subscription plan it says: 'To close your store all outstanding invoices must be paid'. Can anyone give me a hand, I don't want to waste all this money again please.... I'm just a guy who wanted to try out of curiosity, but now every year they charge me 252 euros, for a platform that I'm not even using.
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