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Bing verification

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I am trying to verify my sites on Bing. Please guide me how do I do so? I already have the verification code from Bing. Where do I install it?




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Hi Nishkam, 

Nick here from Shopify. 

Shopify actually has a very helpful guide on how to verify your website with any and all third party services which you can see by clicking here. It goes through all the steps and shows you what to add and where. Don't hesitate to reach out should you have any other questions about this or anything else. 

All the best, Nick

Nick | Community Moderator @Shopify
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I am having the same issue, doing it in the header is not working with the Bing and if you upload the file it is not sitting in the main domain name so it rejects it there too. This is a problem.

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Adding the meta code to the <head> of theme.liquid doesn't work with bing. When I try to verify my site, Bing says the code cannot be found. Any suggestions for verifying with bing?

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I could not get it to work till I put the Bing verification tag as the very 1st line of code below the head tag. 


I also waited about 3 minutes. 


Then it worked

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2020 answer

Theres a button that says verification with google search consale 


(this is if you already verified for google merchant center )


if not 

you place the code in the theme.liquid 

right below the <head> tab



Log in to shopify store

click on right coloum that says online store

click on themes

click on actions drop down arrow

click on edit code

find the file that says theme.liquid

paste the code bing tells you right under <head> (not </head> but <head>


wait patiencely for 5 minutes 

try to verify again 


if this doesnt work contact bing support



hope this helps

i remember when i first started learning this stuff wish these forums had a good detailed answer 

heres me giving back

DONT GIVE UP i went from 0 dollars a day to 25k a day 

it is possible!


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vaporboss it worked for me! thanks 

for me $25k a day would be a dream comes true!!

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Congratulations on your success! It feels like there aren't enough hours in the day to learn everything one needs to learn for even a moderate amount of e-commerce achievement. (Especially if you're a late starter...) Thanks for the helpful comment (2021 - this process seems to have become even more streamlined/automated) and thanks the encouragement!

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I had the same issues and tried to do the steps below. Adding the bing code under the meta tag as the first line of code after <head> and it just refused to work. 


I ended up using the google connect method - 


Any benefits of using the meta tag way rather than the google connect way?