Birthday field Shopify clients/Mailchimp sync

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I still can’t believe that it’s not possible to add a birthday when clients are registered in Shopify POS, without paying 10€/month.

Please tell me I am wrong 😄


my Shopify is sync with Mailchimp and I have running automations on birthdays, I was thinking at the other way around: registering in-store clients via mailchimp form (with birthday field) so I could immediately after assign the sale to the registered client via Shopify POS - pity that the client registered on mailchimp do not appear under Shopify “clients” section.. 


Any turn-around suggested? 
many thanks 

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Hey @Uptodate21 


Unfortunately, adding a birthday field to client registration in Shopify POS without an additional cost may not be possible. However, you can consider an alternative approach by encouraging customers to register online through your Mailchimp form with the birthday field.

To sync Mailchimp subscribers with Shopify, you might need to use a third-party integration tool or consider using Zapier. This way, you can still capture birthday information via Mailchimp and leverage your existing automations.



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Thanks for the answers, I have already sync Mailchimp and Shopify, and would love the idea to register a client in mailchimp and see him immediately reflected into SHopify "Cusotmers" section. 

Unfortunately it's not working - the sync works just if there is a new client registered in shopify, but unfortunately without the birthday info ...


There has to be an easy for such a simple case, without paying 10€/month which I find exagerated for my automation..