Blank Clothing Inventory Tracking - 1 shirt - 2 sku

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I am looking for an inventory tracking solution for tracking blank clothing items that are used for multiple sku's. 

For example:

We use the same black Tshirt with 10 different designs. I would like to track the Tshirts so I know when to order more black Tshirts but also track the design so I know how well each is selling. 

More Details:

50 Large Black Mens Tshirts Ordered

Style 1 - Sold 5

Style 2 - Sold 10 

Style 3 - Sold 20 

My Large Black Mens Tshirts inventory would be 15 left and I can still see how many of each style we sold. 

Part 2 would be once I reach 10 Large Black Mens Tshirts left I am notified to order more. 

Hopefully there is a solution out there. Thank you. 

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Shopify treats each product variant as a separate product. So, even if you have 4 variants of a single product the inventory level will only change on the purchased variant, regardless of the same SKU.

You can set up the Shopify default inventory to track the sale. This can be set up for product variants as well. Click on "Edit" on the variant section to allow Shopify to track the inventory of the respective variant of a product.

Also, there are a few Apps to sync inventory between products and variants. These can be used for advance level inventory tracking. You may try SimpleSync OR Connected Inventory.

To receive an email about the low stock, there are plenty of Shopify Apps, such as Notify Me, Low Stock Alert etc.

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Hey @Mike71 ,


If you're still looking for a solution, we have a low stock alert app, Merchbees Low Stock Alert.

With our app, you can track the total inventory of each product. Merchbees sent an email to you when your products' stock below your chosen threshold.

You can set scheduled alerts, or you receive an alert as soon as when an item's inventory level goes below the stock threshold.


A few other things you can do with our app:

  1. Create various email alerts for different items and recipients with CSV files.
  2. Filter products/variants using multiple filters; collection, vendor, tag, product, or variant.
  3. Set alert for a single location or multi-location.
  4. See all the low stock items on the web report.


If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at!



Co-Founder / Developer at: merchbees
Merchbees Low Stock Alert - Keep track of your low stock items by email and slack
Merchbees Inventory Value - Know your inventory value and quantity in real-time
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I am still not sure this helps me. I have 5 products for sale on my site. All products are on black t shirts, but 5 different designs applied to the t shirts.

I dont make the actual applied design to the tshirt until someone orders it.

So , I have a pile of black t shirts that could be used for any one of the 5 products offered online.

How do I track the LOT of black t shirts even if they are ordered under separate items on my online store?

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i decided to just export them to excel and sort my SKUs and see how many i have sold of each item. i sell phone cases. and iPhone 11 would be my SKU but i have 50 different iPhone 11s i sell. This at least gets me 90% knowing what my inventory used was over a month is what i did. Then i look at what i have on hand (hand counted it to have a starting point). so i will subtract my month use from my on hand inventory. i order products from overseas so if i fall below 2 months in excel i wrote and if "cell A"<2,buy,ok" which tells me that i'm ok or i need to buy some. and i'll buy 3 months at a time as it takes 45 days to arrive. very troublesome but the only way i knew to make it work. some of the apps i looked at wanted over $100 a month to tell me my inventory. that is dumb. i can spend 10 minutes and calculate it. doesn't feel fancy but works. 

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Hey there did you find a solution to this?