Blank Screen Issue on Apple Mobile Devices in Shopify Store

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We are currently facing a technical issue with our Shopify store that is specifically affecting users on Apple mobile devices. When these users browse products on their mobiles and attempt to return to the previous page by hitting the back button, they are confronted with a blank screen. This issue seems to be exclusive to Apple devices, as it does not occur on Android smartphones.


A customer using an iPhone browses through the different products on our Shopify store. After viewing a product, they decide to go back to the product list by pressing the back button on their Safari browser. Instead of returning to the previous page as expected, they are presented with a blank screen. The content only reappears after they refresh the page. This issue disrupts the shopping experience and could potentially affect our store's user engagement and sales on Apple devices.

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I am trying to update my colorblock theme and am getting exactly that. The whole store appears blank. Possibly a different issue but it's the same result. All you can see is the header bar (No changes have been made to liquid etc - only personalised via the basic customising functions)