Block certain products/collections from online purchase.

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How can I block specific products from being purchased online? In other words, If I have 10 products, I want to disable 5 products from being purchased online and allow only pickup for these 5 products. And for the other 5 products, online ordering is enabled.


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Hi there!

Stephane here from Zapiet 

Our Zapiet - Pickup + Delivery app can handle that for you with our Conditional activation feature which allows you fully control which products are available for the 3 possible checkout-method options (Store Pickup, Local Delivery, Shipping) 

The Conditional activation feature is flexible in that it allows you to select one of the following variables : product type, collection, vendor, or tags

To learn more on this particular feature, I will include the following help article : Conditional activation
Should you have any questions regarding this or any of our app's features, feel free to reach out at or at and we'll be happy to help 🙂

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Note how this phrasing can be confusing for others if your not using the right terms.

Pickup implies it's been purchased online, otherwise they are just shopping in retail store.

@EquipmentGuys wrote:

 I want to disable .. products from being purchased online and allow only pickup for these 5 products.

Do you mean you want to only allow purchase in brick and mortar store.

Or disable shipping for these products requiring in store pickup for a customer to acquire the product.


Without better clarification of your merchandising model, just use alternate templates for those products with the buy-buttons block removed.  

This only works for the online-sales channel, if the products are publish to other channels it's dependent on each individual channel if you can disable purchasing; otherwise remove them from those channels.



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Thank you for pointing out the phrasing. I agree and it is confusing after I read it again. I need to disable online purchase ( add to cart ) for few products/collections. The customer should not be able to place an order for those products. If they want to buy them, they must visit our brick and mortar store.  

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Hi EquipmentGuys, what would you want to happen if the customer had some products in the cart that were available for online purchase, and some of that weren't?

Would you want the customer to not be able to place the order at all?


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