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I Currently have a clothing business. I'm also creating a clothing line for an outside company that will be sold on my website. My question is how do I block all of my discount codes (current and new) from being used on either her products or her collection either or. I know how to manually do it for each current active code, but there are so many that would be a huge undertaking not to menchin I have some apps that create generic codes all the time for rewards etc..


Is there a way to alter her new collection to not allow codes to be used or when I add new products. I feel like there should be an option (button) when creating a new Collection or a New Product to not allow discount codes. Or if shopify could implement that 

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GovX, Smilie IO, the issue is have a lot of regular codes as well and I cant just go through everyone of them

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You have some options, but both require Shopify Plus, and probably a custom app:


  1. Checkout UI extensions - I think you can remove discounts from the cart using these
  2. Discount Allocator Functions API - in developer preview, but it'll allow you fine-grained control over which discounts apply in the cart




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Hi @Nicole34 
You can try using the Checkout Guardian app, which allows you to block discount codes applied on the checkout based on the products in the cart. Plus it also allows you to block double discounts on the products.

Let me know if you find the app suitable as per your requirment. 

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