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Ive been receiving bot referral traffic in high volume from a specific site. It's pretty easy to remove from GA reporting but blocking from the site itself is a different story.

I spoke with shopify tech's who said there is no access to the htaccess file where the blacklisted domain would typically be coded into. There were no other solutions offered other than to reach out to the pub (which I'm hoping they are responsive to).

Has anyone else run into this problem/limitation? Any suggestions are appreciated 


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Hi, Travis!

Lisa here from the Shopify Support Team. Sorry to hear you have this annoyance with the bot traffic.

Have you considered blocking the site with one of our IP Blocker Apps? You should be able to get the IP addresses of this site from Google Analytics and use this information in one of the following apps.

Visitor Blocker for IP blocks: 


Or the more advanced Traffic Guard:


Hope this helps! ?

- Lisa

Lisa | Social Care @ Shopify
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Having the same issue, is there any solution to this that doesn't involve registering for a $230 a year app .


The app prices on the marketplace are ridiculous since everything is monthly, this seems like something that could have an easier solution.


I am trying to block pexgle sending tons of traffic to my site suggesting my products in its competitor research since finding shopify sales stats seems very easy to do. Thats one referring i need blocked.

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That is the same issue I am facing. pexgle is sending a lof my competitors to my winning products. if anyone knows to stop this spying tool that would be a life saver.

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yeah they hook off the collections/bestsellers the way shopify is built its super easy to scrape data from and replicate stores. If it was woocommerce you could install the free version of 15 different apps for ip blocking. But shopify you have to signup to a 200 dollar a year app to do anything. Maybe thats why the stocks so high we just keep paying.
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I am using my shared hosting provider to block unwanted traffic for free.

- useful links in my profile / available for hire
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Having the same issue here with a site according to Analytics called @ Peter: Could you explain how exactly I can block the traffic using my hosting provider? 

Many thanks!




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can you share the name of this service with us ? Is it cloudfare ?