Blog is screwed up, operator error, please help

Blog is screwed up, operator error, please help

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My clients daughter built the site on Shopify and now I am left to navigate it. I know Weebly like the back of my hand (not even adverse to a little HTML) but somehow the blog on Shopify has me so confused. Six hours later (not always good to be stubborn) I thought it might be time to ask for help. Somehow I deleted the News page but I think I changed it to Blog. Initially when I was trying to set up the blog I inadvertently put the title of the first post, Heels and Elbows, somewhere and now it is on every post in the URL and I can't figure out how to change this. Also, it seems like something else is weird because though the small excerpts and pictures are showing, the pictures seems huge they are on a grid. I am using the Impulse theme and I looked in the blog section and do not see a way to change anything. Can they be one after a another, latest showing on top? The site is I know I have done something ridiculous here. Any help will be appreciated.

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Hey @Rochelle6655 


1. Changing the Blog URL:

  • Go to Online Store > Blog posts in your Shopify admin.
  • Open the blog post titled "Heels and Elbows."
  • Look for the "URL and handle" section, and edit the "URL" to remove any unwanted parts.
  • Save the changes.

2. Adjusting Blog Post Display:

  • Go to Online Store > Blog posts.
  • Click on the "Date" column to sort posts by date, with the latest at the top.
  • If needed, check theme settings:
    • Go to Online Store > Themes.
    • Click on Customize for the Impulse theme.
    • Look for blog-related settings.

3. Adjusting Image Size:

  • While customizing the theme, find settings related to blog post images.
  • If not found, look for a section with custom CSS and adjust the styling.
  • If you need specific changes, let me know for CSS assistance.

4. Restoring the Deleted News Page:

  • Go to Online Store > Pages.
  • Check if there is a page titled "News" in the list.
  • If not, you may need to create a new page.

Remember to save your changes, and if still have problem then please share your website url



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Hey can you please help me...i am using dawn theme i want to shift that sign in option from footer in mobile menu drawer at the top , see screenshot for better understanding...!! 


want to shift this highlighted option to the upward 


My store url --


Please help me in this code