Blog Post URL Redirect from SEO Details does not work

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Hi. I've been facing this URL redirect issue on blog posts for a long time. It seems pretty normal to redirect old link to new link with product pages when I use the Edit Website SEO option. But with Blog Posts, it's not working. Here's the video:

Does anyone have any idea what's the possible cause behind this?

Thank you. 

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I tried could not replicate. Seems weird.

A few thoughts:

  • Maybe there's a glitch in Shopify Admin with auto-adding redirects.
  • Maybe it takes a couple mins for the 301 to start working (I've experienced a delay like that a number of times)
  • Curious if any redirects are actually being created when you look under to Online Store > Navigation > View URL redirects?
  • Most obvious workaround would be just manually add in the 301. If you do manually add one, does it start working at all then? Or still broken?

If it were me I'd try the above, failing that log a ticket with Shopify support to clarify. Could well be a platform issue. 

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