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Hello everybody! I have reached out before and am getting more and more annoyed and desperate! Every day I get up to 50 bot attacks on the site. They come and put items in the carts  individually. I have asked before and was badly advised by Shopify to use certain apps which don’t work as the bots can’t be detected at the time they visit( don’t show up as in the shop) has anyone had the same experience? This has all escalated in the last 3/4 months. They seem to be targeting Shopify users. I’m really annoyed and frustrated with Shopify’s lack of action here and seems to be a way to try to get users to upgrade to Shopify plus which does protect against this. I will have to consider moving platforms if this issue isn’t addressed by you guys!!!

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Hi, if you look at the abandoned carts, are they all "John Smith" type names? If it is, it's Google checking the prices you're sending to Google Shopping.

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Hi @Fifig 

Thank you for sharing your concerns about the bot activity on your store. I know that receiving a lot of AI traffic on your store can cause your analytic data to fluctuate and be difficult to track. I wanted to clarify some information about the "Bot Protection" offered on Shopify Plus, as I don't believe it is the same functionality that you are referring to.

Shopify offers bot protection for stores on our plus plan that is designed specifically for automated bots that target flash sales and high priority product releases and complete multiple purchases on behalf of the bot owner. There is a diverse market for these applications online and the technology we offer to our Plus merchants is for those situations specifically. Even our Plus accounts have regular bot traffic on their store and there is no way to really stop it.

Bot traffic is normal and it is not an attack on your business in most cases. We would refer to a bot attack as an attempt to crash a store's server by flooding it with fake traffic (100,000's of bot sessions in a short period of time). We have measures in place to stop that type of situation from happening and our security team actively monitors for those situations. What you are describing is totally normal bot created traffic to your store. Other then the inflated analytics, did you have any other concerns about the security of your store?

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