Bulk edit all products to put them in a sale

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Is there a way that I can bulk edit all my products to put them in a sale for 20 days so the prices are reduced by 10% then after 20 days they go back to the normal price

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You need to customized your theme according to your need which features are you looking.

because it's require a custom coding,
For that you need to hire a developer, Which can add this features for you.

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My name is Alison, I'm the Customer Success Specialist for Ablestar apps. I'm sorry for the late reply on this, but I wanted to let you know about our Bulk Product Editor app.


Our Bulk Product Editor app can modify both the 'price' and the 'compare at price' to set up a sale, and when the sale is over you can 'undo' the edit.  You can read more about setting up sales with the app here, https://support.ablestar.com/article/30-running-sales-editing-prices-and-compare-at-prices, and more about undoing edits here, https://support.ablestar.com/article/39-undoing-a-product-edit'.


On the 'advanced' and 'professional' versions of the app, you can also schedule the edit and the 'undo', which is especially helpful for running sales.  If you have any more questions about the app you can reach us directly at support@ablestar.com.