Bulk edit customer metafield with metafield name in the url

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Hi, there are endless tutorials for bulk editing product metafields.

What I need is to bulk edit 2 metafields created for customers. Since my customers are growing everyday, its the best I should do. Any guide or suggestions? Is it even possible?


Thanks in advance. Have researched tons and still nowhere to solution!

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Hi Zara,

Certainly, it is possible to edit meta fields in bulk through Shopify apps.

Please review this reference video: https://bit.ly/3zLYBnN

Hope this will resolve your issue or feel free to text for any assistance!

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Hi, Thanks for quick response. I tried the exact same thing. Its working for products but not for customers metafields. I tried multiple times.

Heres the url I used;




Metafield definitions:

My Link

Please rectify!