Bulk edit sales channel visibility!

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this may be in the wrong forum, but is there a way, or an app that allows for bulk editing of visibility for sales channels?  For example..I just added the buzzfeed channel, but non of my products are visible and it appears that I would have to go into each product to check the box for buzzfeed.  Am I missing someway to make this easier?

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Hi, Stuart! 

Yes, there is definitely an easier way! What you'll want to do is head into your Products page and select all products like so:


Next, you'll want to hit edit products and here you'll be presented with the option to add Buzzfeed visibility.


Once you've added this field you can click and drag down the list of items, change the first one in the row to visible and the rest will follow suit! 

Hope that makes sense - please let me know if I can offer any clarification. Cheers! - JP

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But what if, in my case, you need to click on or off multiple sales channels for thousands of products?? For example, I want one of my collections to only be visible on one sales channel, Houzz, but by default all the sales channel boxes are checked off. I cannot possibly uncheck each and every column for thousands of products in the bulk editor. I would do that in a csv, but the sales channel columns don't export in the csv file!! I looked into all the bulk editing apps and none offer the feature to edit sales channels. PLEASE HELP!

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Hi there Norine!

Don here from Shopify. 🙂

I have spent some time looking through the various bulk editing apps available in our store and I can't find one that will definitely allow you to edit sales channel availability for all sales channels.

The Bulk Product Editor by 2can Apps does state that it can be used to bulk edit sales channel availability alright, though it only specifies the POS and Online store channels.

What I would do in your situation is reach out to the developers of this or any similar app to clarify if their app can be used to edit the visibility of a product on other sales channels and if not, if it would be possible to tweak their app's functionality so that it can be used for this purpose.

As with any app in our app store you can use the email address or contact form listed on the app store page to reach out to the developers with any queries you might have on its use. 🙂

All the best!


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If you have several hundreds of products with variants, it seems to be impossible to multi-select any way...

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I have the same issue, I am just warming up with 2000 items, but none is available for facebook.


shopify, please help

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Best option i have found is to apply a tag to all the items you want to or not show on facebook / any sales channel , then do a search for items with this tag on your products page, from their you will be able to make them available or unavailable to facebook and the likes using select all and the more options menu.

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The changes they made a while back when you could see your product list, under the status column you could see how many sales channels an item was selected. If you are to have listed on 8 channels it read 8 of 8 and it says 2 of 8 you know there was a mistake made and can immediately fix it. Now you only see Active or Draft again, NOT HELPFUL! Doing a csv export doesn't help either when it only reads active or draft. Bulk edit you have to select each channel individually and scroll through 1000's of products to see which are unchecked. Would just be easier to leave things alone and let us see from the main page how many sales channels were selected. Stop adding clicks to the process as well as time from my team.