Bulk image upload & auto update?

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Not entirely sure this is achievable, but asking the question(s) anyway... (and apologies if this is in the wrong place).


Our store sells wedding invitations / stationery and each design / style has it's own product - we're now well over 1000. A lot of these products share a number of options and accessories, which we want to include with a number of infographics as extra product images. So for example, the card colours available will apply to a big number of these 1000 products.


My question has two parts. First, is it possible to upload the same image to a number of products in bulk rather than adding them one at a time? And secondly, these options may change from time to time so we'll have the need to update the infographic; is it possible to have the product image "linked" to a single place / file which, when updated, will automatically update across all products?


To-date we've been doing all of the above on a one-by-one basis and it's massively time-consuming; don't know if there's an option here, app or otherwise, that will tick either or both boxes?


Hopefully someone out there more learned than me can point in the right direction! And thanks in advance.

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Hi @ellebee81, I see this is an old post, and I hope you have already found the solution.

I wanted to share the solution for the people who find this post through search. 

You can use the Smart Bulk Image Upload app to upload the same image to all products.

To be transparent, I am the developer and co-founder of this app. If you need help, just let me know.

You can also read our article regarding this topic or watch our YouTube demo video.