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I am trying to bulk import a product file and want to add more than one 'body' field alongside the product image on the PDP. Currently all the product info displays on the RHS of the image which is fine but I also want an additional fields to display further headers e.g. features and benefits, safety information, delivery and returns, specifications etc How or do I set up these fields for bulk import? Thanks!

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Sounds like you just need a proper formatting for body, that`s all. Or, another way, use metafields, if those would be same for group of products.


To format body, use html. Your end result would be something like this:


<h2> Description </h2>
<p> This is item description telling you how good it is and how much you need it </p>
  <li>First benefit of a product</li>
  <li>Another feature</li>
  <li>Size, perfaps</li>
<h2> Delivery </h2>
<p> Something about delivery & handle time </p>
<h2> Returns </h2>
<p> Describe, for exmaple, standard 14 day returns guarantee and process, include a link to returns and whatnot </p>


So, basically, h2 makes a title, p makes a text, ul/li makes a list. You can play around and about and learn how to create css tabs if you like.


Another way is to use metafields. Create them in your admin settings, set up few pre-filled options and simply assign them for your products.

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Thanks, is this just going to create a long cascade of information down the RHS or can you adjust so that the additional information appears below the image? 






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If you want it to appear below image, then you probably will need to tweak the code a bit, as not that many themes offer this. If you don`t have an option to add text below images in Themes -> Customization, then you will need to find that piece of code that shows images & find the right place to paste text after it.


And then again, you should use metafiles in this case. So, you find that code & perfect spot for text and place there something like this:


{% if product.metfields.namespace.key != blank %}

<p> {{ product.metafield.namespace.key }} </p>

{% endif %}


Change namespace & key to your own which you have set for that text.


First line checks if that metafield is not blank & has any value assigned to it, second line prints text if statement is true (value is, indeed, assigned), third line closes the IF statement.