bulk order fulfilment

bulk order fulfilment

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I am trying to find an app or a way around making this work; we want to be able to bulk pick products (which we can already do) however when it comes to packing orders we want to be able to scan the bulk picked products & have them allocated to 1-20 bins that represent an order ie. bin 1 = order 345 bin 2 = order346 etc

so the process would be having picked all the products on the packing list for 20 orders our team member starts scanning the products at random & the system tells us this belongs to bin 2 so the team member places the product in that corresponding bin number & then continues scanning until all picked items are now in allocated order bins.
the team member can now go to bin 1 & start packing that order checking the specific order list with what has been allocated before packing & sending the order out. 

It also needs to be able to know that if we've picked 10 of the same style that it's allocated 1 to bin 1 & there are no more to allocate to that order so it'll go to the next order that has this style until they've all been allocated.

this system I have used before in big retailer POS & fullfilment but need to find something for our business as it has so many SKUs & orders to fulfil. 

Any help will be amazing! Thank you.

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