Bulk product and image upload

Bulk product and image upload

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 So i have a file with about 2000 products that are ready to be uploaded with the correct format. 

I also have some folders with images for the products. The images filenames match the varient ID to help make the upload correspond with eachother. 

I also added a colum for img src and added a link for the the image link will be once uploaded. for example 


now what i noticed is when i upload the file, it does pull the correct image, but it creates a duplicate image and adds a bunch of charaters to the end of the file name..


So how can i get it to upload without creating duplicate images or if there is just a better way to do this?

(in the attached image you can see the two products i tested it with. and how it made duplicates of the images and added those to the products i uploaded, rather than adding the original images.)

Screenshot 2024-06-09 at 1.21.37 PM.png

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@alanrichardtex, if you upload the same image file twice, Shopify will add some random characters to the end of the image name to make it unique. I guess in your case, you attached the same filename to multiple variants in the CSV file, which is why the same image is being uploaded several times and duplicated. I would search for this image filename in your CSV and try to see if it appears multiple times.

Do your image filenames also match your SKU or Barcode?

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Hi @alanrichardtex , I hope you're doing well! 


Do you use SKU or Barcode fields for products/variants, which are related to image names?