Bulk product upload but only a partial succeeded

Bulk product upload but only a partial succeeded

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Hello, i have questions about bulk product upload, i have imported a csv file with around 530 products last night but only around 40 products were finally uploaded without any error message, the formatting of all 530 products are pretty much the same so i don’t understand what happened to the remaining items, i would like to know the solution of uploading all of them at once, thank you!

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Hi @patherine,

Since only a fraction of your products were uploaded, it suggests there might be issues with the CSV file. Please ensure that your CSV file adheres to Shopify’s format, you can download a sample CSV file from Shopify for reference. Remember to fill in all the required fields and check for any inconsistencies in the data, such as duplicate handles, incorrect data types, or special characters.


If the format is not the problem, you can breakdown the list, try to upload several smaller files.

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