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I am having trouble finding a bundle builder that fit's my criteria.

I want my customers to be able to select any five products to form a bundle, however, I want it so that the all the products selected have to be the same size. 

One way I thought of doing this was that the customer first selects the five products they want and then has to select which size they would like them in. 

However all the bundle builder apps I've found so far don't allow you to separate out the size option so the customer is able to select a different size for each of the different products.

Does anyone know of any apps that will allow me to do this? Ideally also, I would like to add another option to the bundle builder which allows the customer to personalise the product with their name as an optional extra. 


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I'm having the same problem.  I really like the look of Bundle Builder, but for the price it really needs to do better. It's good for non-variant products.

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This is because your bundle conditions are special. A bundle app can hardly tailor to custom options like select several products with weights, colors, size, etc. If your bundle requirements are special, you can only find a Shopify partner to code it into a custom template. 

I'm building a bundle app now. So I know that Shopify set up various limitations for product bundling. Your bundle conditions may look simple. However, it takes hard works to bypass these limitations. 

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Hello @LivLegendBrands @JavaBean 

have you found any solution yet? If not, you can check the MultiVariants - Bulk Order app. Using the app, you can apply a minimum/maximum quantity limit to your product variants. Not only that, but you can also apply the restriction to buy all the variants in one size. 

If customers try to change the size, the variant quantity will reset to 0. 

I think this is exactly what you were looking for, customers would choose 5 different variants and then select a size. So the app won’t allow your customers to place orders with a combination of different sizes for the selected product. 

Have a look at this Demo Product which allows your customers to choose 5 products, choose a size from the available option, and then place the order.Minimum quantity 6 for any of size you chooseMinimum quantity 6 for any of size you choose


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