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Bundle Products or Link products and Track Individual Component sales w/out syncing Inventory

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Our store sells a ton of product bundles. Our bundles are created in Shopify like a normal product - as a singular product with bundle image and dedicated SKU within Shopify. In our fulfillment system (ShipHero) the SKU representing the bundle automatically pulls the bundle's component base skus which is how our 3PL knows what to ship. Shiphero syncs our bundled inventory already with our shopify store so the individual components of each bundle sold is already updated in real-time within Shopify. The problem is that we can't run sales reports from Shopify that reflect the individual component sales. For Example, if we sell a bar of soap and oil as a bundle the sales report will only show the sales of the bundle name and the numbers won't reflect the actual oil and wash sales unless we tally that manually. 

I know there are a ton of bundle apps that basically allow you to add the components and then when a customer orders it breaks the bundle up into individual items to ensure no oversells and ease of fulfillment. This is NOT what we want. This would require redoing our entire catalog/sku structure and would mess with our 3PL systems. We want to keep our bundles as single products but somehow link the sales without updating the component inventory count. 

Does anyone know if there is an app to link sales data by skus? For example, writing a rule for Shopify reports that if bundle X containing Y & Z is sold attribute 1 sale to Y and 1 sale to Z for reporting purposes? Thank you!!


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Hi @Color_Reinholz ,


I understand your situation. In your flow inventory is synced by shiphero so base sku's inventory is reduced without any sales. So sales report from shopify is of no help. We faced a similar situation here in our store and it was frustating so we decided to developed an app, Profit Bundles that helps us manage this.


With this app you need to first define your bundles in the right composition in the app. then whenever a new order comes, app will associate the base skus at 0 cost with the order, hence these will become part of the order. your backend team will also easily pick pack and ship the order as bundle components are part of the order as well.




But you would need to update the definition of bundles in shiphero as that will duplicate the whole process.


Hope that makes sense!



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