Business operational team

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Today is exactly 7 days Shopify terminated my account without reaching out to me or alerting me to solve anything. For 7 days now, I have been trying to solve this issue, and I know for a fact that all the support advisors have been trained to speak the same language: "We have limited information as to why your account was terminated, and the only people who can work on this issue are the business operational team, and they will reach out to you soon since your ticket has been escalated. For 7 days now, Shopify or anyone from the Shopify business operational team has reached out to me to at least let me know they have seen my concern and are working on my issue to get things fixed. For 7 days now, Shopify has left me stranded with my business. The last time I posted about my issue, most of the guys here seemed unbothered because it wasn't you. This can happen to any merchant, and imagine losing your hard-earned store for 7 days without getting any better updates from Shopify. Just imagine it yourself. So, dear Shopify, how long do you guys want me to wait before you address my issue since all the 8 support advisors I have been talking to told me the same thing?

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