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When we link the buy button to checkout page and after clicking checkout to finalize order the checkout page opens in a new window, is it possible somehow to open it in same window?

This way it would be less noticeable costumers are leaving main website.

Thank you

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Unfortunately, it's not working for me, the button is disappearing when I try 

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Thanks! @DrBee 


That worked for me on Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. Do I dare test it on Explorer? Shudder......


Shopify should add this to their Buy Button Configuration information pages.

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Expanding on Gary1ie's method, instead of messing with the Buy Button code each time, you can simply place the following code into the header/footer scripts section of your website. 

<script data-shopify-buy-ui=""> = function (open) {
return function (url, name, features) {
// Pass through non-shopify URLS
if (url.indexOf("myshopify") < 0) {
return, url, name, features);
// Use current window
console.log("Redirecting to:", url);
window.location.href = url;
return null;


You only need to do this once and the checkout button will open in the same window from any page on your website where you've used the Buy Button.