Buy X get Y - is there a plan to make this better?

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I know this has been covered extensively in the forums but the fact that you have to add the "free" item to the cart to make "Buy X Get Y" to work is insane. It seems like an easy fix. If X is added to cart AND coupon code "freehat" is used then add Y ( a free hat ) to the cart. I'm sure it isn't as easy as that but Shopify is one of the top ecom platforms in the world with over 10K employees. Surely someone there can figure that out. 

And, while they are at it, how about if you spend $XXX get Y....again, without having to add Y to the cart prior.

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Hi @jon26 If you are still looking for a soltuion for this, I would like to share the Discount Depot APP available on the Shopify app store which I have used for a similar kind of functioanlity in the past. It allows you to automatically add the free products to the cart when the X product is added to cart and using the coupon code you will get the Y product added to the cart automatically. 

Plus you can also set a rule for spend $XXX and get Y automatically added to the cart. 

Or you can custom develop this without using an app.

Let me know if you would need me to assist you further.

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