Can a variable display as a different 'word' in an email?

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Hello lovely people.  Have a problem.

My product names on the website aren't really 'user friendly' - i'm referring to this variable {{product_title}}

I've included extra words in there so customers know they can buy a 4 pack or a 12 pack. 

Example product name = Cherry Cola 4 pack or 12 pack.

I'm just setting up a review app ( and the default variable they use in their email is based on {{product_title}} and it's not very clear to use the wording I have assigned to my products.


Is there a way I  can code something to map {{product_title}} to another preferred product name?


So that instead of Cherry Cola 4 pack or 12 pack... the wording displayed on the email would call a different variable, that would recognise it's a Cherry Cola sale and instead use 'Cherry Cola drink' for example.


Thank you!! hope there is a way to do this!



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