Can discount codes do two discounts with one code?

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Our team put the cart before the horse and advertised "10% off + a free item" with 1 coupon code.  We planned to just send one free item in the package but some customers have become confused and have been adding and paying for the product they would have recieved for free and then getting 10% off the entire order.

So my question, is it possible to make a coupon do two things?  I need 1 code that can give a % discount and an item for free when present in the cart. I'm aware you can use two codes at once, that is not what I'm looking for here.

I checked some of the apps and didn't see anythign like this on the store. 

Please, Help!

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This isn't something native discount codes can do.

You may be able to configure automatic discounts to do this in combination.


Beyond that you need an app or theme customizations to even begin to get near this behavior.

A theme customization would only work by having them enter the discount on the frontend before checkout and then that way it auto-adds a free product to the cart to minimize confusion later.


There's also automation apps to partially refund such orders automatically.

There's mechanic scripting though they don't have this exact use case in the library but it can edit orders 

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Combining two discounts with a single coupon code can indeed create confusion for customers. Typically, most e-commerce platforms and coupon code systems are designed to apply a single type of discount per code. However, you may explore alternative solutions to achieve the desired outcome:

1. **Bundle Deals**: Instead of a single coupon code, offer bundled products or discounts as part of your promotion. For example, you can create product bundles where the free item is automatically added when customers select specific items.

2. **Automatic Discounts**: Implement automatic discounts in your cart for specific conditions. For instance, set up a discount that activates when customers add both the free item and a qualifying purchase to their cart.

3. **Tiered Pricing**: Consider implementing tiered pricing where customers receive a discount based on the total amount they spend. This approach allows you to provide discounts on both the entire order and specific items.

4. **Promotion Rules**: If your e-commerce platform supports it, set up rules that define when a discount applies. This can help you specify which items are eligible for a discount and when the free item is added.

While these methods might require some adjustments to your store's setup, they can help you provide discounts and free items in a less confusing manner. If your e-commerce platform allows for custom coding, you may also consider hiring a developer to create a more tailored solution to meet your specific needs.