Can I allow some accounts to access specific discounts but not have discounts fully enabled?

Can I allow some accounts to access specific discounts but not have discounts fully enabled?

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Hi, I work for a fairly large organisation which has a few discounts we offer. Is there a way we can allow accounts with limited permissions to apply a 10% discount (as this is used as a sign up bonus and is used by many customers), but for anything bigger than 10% to only be available to accounts with full permissions.

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Can you explain a bit further please? Doesn't the Customer eligibility section in a discount already let you apply discounts only to certain customers or segments?



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This is Theodore from PageFly - Shopify Page Builder App.

Limit Staff Discount Access:

  • Staff with limited permissions won't be able to apply discounts by unchecking the "Discounts" permission in their staff role settings (Settings > Users and Permissions).

Full Discount Access for Authorized Staff:

  • Staff with the "Admin" role or roles with the "Discounts" permission can still manage all discounts.


  • Prevents accidental misuse of discounts.
  • Maintains control for authorized staff.

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Hello @ROBBIII30,


You can use third-party apps like the "iCart Cart Drawer Cart Upsell App" to manage discounts based on user permissions within a large organisation. This app can help you control and automate the discount application process effectively.

  • In iCart, you can create discount rules that specify when and how discounts are applied.
  • Navigate to the discount section and set up a rule for your 10% sign-up bonus.
  • iCart allows for the setting of permissions for who can apply certain discounts.
  • Create a rule for a 10% discount that is accessible to users with limited permissions, such as customer service representatives or accounts with basic access.
  • For discounts greater than 10%, set up a separate rule that requires higher permissions.
  • This can be tied to roles that have managerial or full administrative access.
  • iCart can automatically apply discounts at the cart or checkout stage based on the rules you define.
  • For the 10% sign-up bonus, you can automate this to be applied when certain conditions are met (e.g., when a customer first signs up).

You can check the "icart cart drawer cart upsell" it might be helpful to you.

iCart Cart Drawer Cart Upsell App

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It sounds like you want to create a rule that applies to all your store's discounts. Kind of like a "policy" that says, "these customers can't get a discount higher than 10%."


Unfortunately, what you're looking for doesn't exist in Shopify today, but will be possible relatively soon. There is also a potential workaround.


Upcoming Shopify API:


Without getting too deep into technical details, Shopify has an API in developer preview called the Discounts Allocator Functions API:


It will allow stores to override Shopify's logic for combining and applying discounts. You might require an app when the API is available, but once it's out, that would be the most foolproof way to place restrictions like those on discounts.




In the meantime, the best workaround would be to update each of the discounts that are only available to accounts with full permissions, so that there is server-side validation of the buyer identity before the discount is applied at checkout.


For example, if you're using built-in Shopify discount codes, you can limit the discount to customers within a specific segment, without requiring an app.


More advanced logic, such as excluding specific customers, or customer-specific automatic discounts, can be set up using my app, Regios Automatic Discounts (Built for Shopify, 4.9 stars).


If you have any questions about this, just reply, and I'll be happy to help.